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Broken Together Blog

Author Bridgepoint, Written Mar 3, 2016

In February, Pastor Craig Killinen shared a very powerful sermon series, Broken Together.  With the desire to minister to families, we are providing a continuation of the Broken Together message with encouraging words and resources. The first of these blogs is shared by lead pastor Craig Killinen:

Can I be honest with you? I will even if you say no!   I often get mad at myself for not expecting God to do what He has promised us to do.  God amazes me with His blessings like He did this past Sunday evening at our Broken Together Marriage Celebration but what else should I have expected?  I mean, He even inspired it to be written about in the book of Ephesians and chapter 3.  Verse 20 says this:  “Now to him who is able to do FAR MORE abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.”
I told myself and our staff that I would be happy if 50 people showed up to the event but God blessed us with close to 80 people showing up.  Why should that surprise me?  God was just being faithful to His promise like He always is.  If you were able to attend, I hope that it was a benefit to you and your marriage.
Through our Broken Together series last month we wanted to be able to give you some practical steps to take in your life and in your relationships.  Relationships don’t make it because 2 perfect people come into each others’ lives, but they make it when 2 broken people figure out how to make it work TOGETHER.  Relationships not only surviving, but thriving, is better achieved not necessarily by finding the right person as much as it is about being the right person yourself.  The only person you can control in the relationship is YOU so be the best you that you can be.
We talked about a lot of things in this series but I just wanted to remind you of some of the most practical things we can do, which we talked about in the last part of our series.
If you think something nice, SAY IT.
If you think something special, DO IT.
If you want something different, BE IT.

Below you can find some helpful links to continue strengthening yourself and the relationships in your life.  Please don’t forget this gentle reminder: you get out of something what you put into something! And please don’t ever forget that BridgePoint Church and even more important than that, God, is for you and your marriage.